Thermohuisje is a little house that visualises the indoor temperature in an attractive way.

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Current digital thermometers are not visually appealing and hard to read from a distance.

Unfortunately most personal weather stations are flat despite the fact that it is possible to visualise the data in a more attractive way. To scope the project I have chosen to focus on visualising the indoor temperature. So, how can I make this visual thermometer?


Testing the main features 
of the concept.

How to make it visually appealing?

What is the best size?
How should the data be visualised?


Making a guide for
the electronics.

I made a schematic overview to discover the electronics that I needed and how I should connect them. This also tells me how much space is needed for the wires and other components.

How many lights should be turned on?

The digital output of the temperature sensor determines how many floors are illuminated. 

A good construction plan ensures a great prototype.

I made a construction plan to figure out how I should build the prototype. This plan helped me to determine the right sizes for the custom parts. 

Putting all the parts together.



Finally a fascinating thermometer!

It was very inspiring to learn how to create a physical prototype and give it a function using an Arduino. I made this prototype using the knowledge and equipment from the FabLab of Rotterdam, which is commonly used by the people of the Makers Movement. I am very excited about the Makers Movement and will definitely do more of these projects in the future.