Sketch it! encourages design students to go sketching by playing a fun multiplayer game.

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Sketching is an important skill for a designer.

For me as a designer it is important to be able to sketch with confidence. During the third year of my study CMD, I discovered that this skill was not at the level I wanted it to be, but I could not find the time to practice. I noticed that other students had the same problem. We needed the right motivation.

Most valuable insights.

Sketching is necessary for designers to express their thoughts.

It's about daring to sketch. The quality of your sketches is less important.

Students would like to have assignments to be able to practice their sketching.

3 Experiments to test my assumptions.

What should designers be able to sketch according to students?

Does a difficult exercise negatively affect your sketch practice?

Are nicer sketches better understood than moderate ones? 


I will make a multiplayer sketch game
that uses an iPad as guide.


The game is played with four players. You need: pen, paper and the iPad app. Each round there is one ‘round master’ who will start by reading the sketch exercise that is given by the app. The players have 30 seconds to make their sketches. When the time runs out, every player will give his sketch to the round master.

The round master chooses the winner by using their own criteria (e.g. the most clear one, the most original one, the most beautiful one), this player gets a point. Then there is a brief moment to give feedback to each other. This way the game continues until one player has reached the winning score.

Why this ‘exceptional’ visual style?

Good question! It is important that players can play the game without the pressure to perform. The simple style induces this by lowering the threshold for novice players. 

Is the prototype
fully playable?

Yes! For me it was really important that the game was fully playable, allowing students to test the gameplay experience. 



Check out the final prototype!

I made a fully functional prototype using Axure. The students really liked the game so it wasn’t hard to find volunteers to test it. Using the input of the usertest I was able to improve the concept and the prototype. At the end I believe that I created a game that is fun to play and flexible enough for the needs of students and therefore will encourage them to sketch more.

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*prototype is optimalized
to play on an iPad.